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Market has cooled off following initial Trump-fueled burst.Investors on the sidelines will miss massive profit opportunities.A simple strategy adjustment could change everything…Also recommended: Why are big companies secretly re-listing their shares?Louis BaseneseInvestors and traders are two very different animals in the market.So it should come as no surprise that they each have different ways to approach market volatility.Buy-and-hold investors fear that volatile markets will slash the value of their stocks.While traders ride gyrating stock prices to quick gains — often playing moves to the upside and the downside.On the other hand, investors love periods of low volatility in stocks… While traders cringe at stagnant share prices.Now, the current market situation might have some investors out of the game. But a simple adjustment to your strategy could change everything.As senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez details below, there’s a low-risk way for investors to play the current market like a short-term trader…Ahead of the tape,Louis Basenese
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Forget Stocks… Here’s a Better OptionJonathan RodriguezThis month, the VIX — commonly known as the stock market’s “fear gauge” — dropped to its lowest closing level since 1993.To be sure, the market has cooled off considerably since Donald Trump’s presidential election win. And investors are playing a mellow game of wait-and-see as the president’s legislative agenda unfolds.Don’t follow their lead!Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. But it’s also not time to load up on pricey shares of your favorite companies.Instead, now’s the time to “replace” these expensive stocks using options.As you may know, options derive much of their value from the price of their underlying stock.But another major component in their pricing is volatility.Trump Video Too Controversial for CNN, ABC and MSNBC? (Watch it here)CNN, ABC and MSNBC refuse to show this video.